News learning algorithms using machine learning are a key feature of TikTok’s success. They will allow you to quickly adapt to each user and show him the most personalized content. This significantly increases the engagement and time that users spend in the application.

  • A backend is a sensitive part of any ecosystem as it is responsible for overall data storing and processing.
  • When planning, you’ll break down the work into milestones.
  • This ultimately requires a lot of time for app development and causes integrity issues.
  • The scope of this task gets determined by factors like how payments are processed, where the data is stored, the level of PCI compliance to be provided.

But you better separate those, as CAD apps are usually way more complicated and require more skills from the end-user. The tool is not intended to redirect businesses from hiring video professionals. Our efforts helped Scrollme get nearly two million monthly active users and over 1.3 billion video uploads.

How to Create an Application? Stages of App Development

During this time period, various errors and faults in the app are identified, and user experience is checked. The front, as well as the back end are significant while creating an application. Without the front end, a user can’t interact, and an app can’t function without the back end.

How much time does it take to create a video app

For instance, the Youper app monitors the user’s health and AI provides some suggestions. Here artificial intelligence is a value proposition, so the application is partially built around the AI idea. Another crucial element is game mechanics which affect everything in the game – from graphics to sound and narrative elements.


We have developed asocial networking app with video chat– Parta. If you have an exciting new project in mind, we can work with you to build your vision. Softermii has relevant experience in developing video applications.

How much time does it take to create a video app

Involving your potential app users directly to check if your taxi app functions in the way you expect. Data integration is the way of processing large data sets and combining them in separate organizational units. Find out users’ motivations, problems, and expectations of how they want to use your product. Few weeks to a month, depending upon an application’s complexity. No matter how optimal an idea looks, it’s essential to run tests to identify bottlenecks and see whether the app will actually work for your needs.

Option 5: Follow Agile Development Methodology

Things to include in the brief in this stage should cut across the kind of video gaming app, the user base, and how it should be developed. Knowing a programming language is essential in developing a video game app. It doesn’t matter if you’re using software to help with coding or not, being able to write programming code goes a long way with app creation.

Finally, the time to develop the MVP version is determined. This version can be launched earlier in the market and can help businesses to check whether ideas are working or how to create a video app not. RFP is your foundation based on which you can also negotiate with the development company. RFP takes authority from a development agency to do things differently.

User acceptance testing is a crucial stage of the app development process that verifies whether a product fits your business requirements and users’ needs. This phase shouldn’t be neglected because it helps you understand if your app works smoothly. When you are aware of how long it takes to create a high-quality app, you save time and development resources. Unrealistic deadlines for every app development stage like research, product design, and others cause delays in the final app release on the market.

And you can start it once you’ve completed successfully the previous phases, such as deployment, development, and user acceptance testing. But before releasing your app, keep in mind the fact that publishing requirements for the App Store and Google Play are quite different. The app development stage focuses on front-end and back-end components. During this phase, designers and developers work together to ensure that a created app meets users’ needs and works seamlessly on both front-end and back-end parts.

Types and Cost of Video Editing Apps

Hire Dedicated Developers in India to bridge your brand and users with technology. They will provide you a team with good amount of experience. Uber, a very successful 24-hour service that offers on-demand cab service and connects drivers and riders. This type of application has two interfaces; one for riders and one for the driver. There are multiple factors that are important and should be looked into before making an app like technology stack, architecture, scalability plans, etc. For example, messages sent over Whatsapp are end to end encrypted that ensures the security of the confidential data.

How much time does it take to create a video app

The biggest difference from other apps, except games, is that VR requires building a 3D environment. Otherwise, the experience will be limited and thus not immersive. Different proposals offer a range from $40,000 to $300,000 starting from a simple website to a comprehensive web platform. A good example is the 3D Engineering Animation app where developers decide to explain some engineering processes by using realistic 3D models and animations. This way users instantly understand how things work and there is no need to read blueprints and texts. Now as we see app categories we can try to come back to the types of apps.

The easiest way to create content for your

This is because this stage involves various calls between the clients and development partners. Because it is about understanding your project needs, it will typically take between 1 to 2 weeks to complete the entire process. Our business analyst will be more than happy to assist you with any of your doubts and concerns. If you are a non-technical person, we let you know that the iPhone application can’t run on Android and vice-versa.

The project manager keeps an eye on the entire project from the technical and non-technical sides. If any issue arises on the technical side, a project manager can easily recognize it. Do you remember stage 1 of the development of an application? If you choose to outsource the development of an application to an agency, then skip this point.

The downside of that is security, which can be compromised, because of such an amount of freedom. If you need to process payments in your application, it is a really bad choice to do all the logic on a client-side application. Any application accessible by a user can be easily compromised and data affected. The only way to do it securely is to build a backend application that will perform the whole logic and only receive information from the client.

Advantages of hiring an app agency

But the only negative point about this option is that it requires time and effort to find the right team that joins your company and develops an application. On average, a person spends 3-4 hours every day on a mobile phone. They have become reliable on mobile apps for their on-demand services and other day-to-day requirements.


The average price to develop an app can shift in either direction based on the number and complexity of features you want to implement. Some of them, like push notifications, can eat up half of your app budget and reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementation. The median cost to develop an app ranges from around $50,000 to $75,000. The cost to develop an app with a complex set of features can reach up to $300,000+. Design is what captures the user’s attention and makes them stick to your software product.

Note that the Face AR content design itself requires time and strong 3D graphical expertise. Like Snapchat, TikTok allows users to edit their videos in an impressive number of ways. In addition to basic video editing tools, users can add text, music, and an incredible number of effects, from changing eye color to lip-sync.

However, in most cases, app development is not one person’s task. It’s a process that requires the whole team of developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers. Their united work can turn your idea into a full-fledged app in 3-6 months, depending on the number and complexity of features. Even though you can know the answer to the ‘how much does it cost to build an app’ even before the development starts, companies often fail to meet the defined budgets. Many hidden mobile app development cost drivers are often overlooked. As you can see, answering the ‘how much does it cost to build an app?

This will have a very positive effect on the engagement of both content creators and their viewers. Therefore, the key to success in building an app like TikTok is good news feed algorithms. TikTok algorithms use information about all user interactions with the content, the content itself, device and account settings, and more to personalize the feed. New users just need to watch the tape at random for a while to do this. Process is very simple and has only 4 Steps, so it would take hardly 3-4 minutes to complete the process for building an App. Hire developers or dedicated company to build an MVP for you.

Lack of programming and coding skills may end in building a badly optimized and buggy application. But app development hourly rates differ significantly around the globe, excluding the quality that you might get. So, it is one of the Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Mobile App Development Company.

Once overall development is in progress, and you as a client start seeing some first releases, there will be not so many features, but a solution will start shaping. At this stage, we have a person who can glue everyone and set up internal and external communications. It is time to add someone who will develop a solution – adeveloper.

With eight years of vast experience in the IT industry, we work in almost every industry domain. Again, wrongly evaluating and failing to understand the factor can trigger huge losses and even delay the application’s timeline. Each factor has various options to select from, and every option has its own timeline. Automation testing is often one of the most neglected techniques for app testing.

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