You made me do things I never thought I would be capable of doing. You moved in without asking, mastering all the control.

Anyone coping with addiction can identify with recovery originating deep within the core of identity as a self-sought endeavor. The root of all alcohol and/or substance use disorders ultimately digs into the relationship a person has with themselves.

Heroin: My Enslavement by You, is Over!

Educating yourself about your child’s addiction is paramount for becoming their support system. The worldview of anyone sitting at their rock bottom paints a bleak and understandably cynical outlook. Usually, the circumstances surrounding this state of mind involve potentially trauma-inducing elements. Keeping that in mind, the specifics of people and places matter less than the mental or emotional details. When you first came into my life, I believed that you would help me ease all the pain I was going through.


It may also be beneficial to write a goodbye addiction letter. It may also support them in putting down in writing what they would otherwise find difficult to express verbally. Look, I’m not here to tell you that the journey to sobriety is going to be easy. There were times when I fought with my family. I didn’t want to go to an inpatient facility.

We want to hear your story.

When I first met you, I immediately fell in love without even realizing it. I thought we were just acquaintances. That you were just a visitor in my life. I had no idea what was happening. I thought I could hang out with you from time to time and still walk away. I thought you brought me happiness.

This includes all relationships—people, pets, or things we get attached to. With you, I wasn’t attached, but was in love, and thought we would live happily ever after. We have been through thick and thin together. This started off with plenty of happy moments, like the first time I experienced getting high or drunk.

Simone Meyer – A Letter to My Addiction

But, my dear addiction, I see you for what you are. They say that when we are sitting in meetings (12-step programs), you are outside in the parking lot doing push ups. I realized how good life could be. Sure, there were times when I missed you when I felt weak or bored without you, but I was happy.


Your goodbye letter to addiction can also serve as a source of inspiration for others. I am hoping this will help give me a final sense of closure, and help support other people who are struggling with substance abuse, just as I once did. I hope this gives them the hope and the motivation they need to finally seek out professional addiction treatment services. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe in comprehensive treatment programs that integrate the entire family. While recovering addicts go through either partial hospitalization or outpatient programs, we also encouragefamily therapy.

Lou Martinez – A Letter to My Addiction

Euphoria pouring all over my body as I lay there nodding off, I pushed you off me and said goodbye for the evening. I thought that was going to be the only time but your magnetic pull had other plans. I finally grabbed you and decided it was time to make my move.

  • You are working so hard to survive but everyone is saying no.
  • And that my traumatic childhood experiences would disappear.
  • Keeping that in mind, the specifics of people and places matter less than the mental or emotional details.
  • Or at least, that’s what I thought, then.

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